Tree Lopping: What are the Benefits?

Tree lopping is also a part of tree care but involves a more drastic approach compared to your normal trim or prune. It is a method that involves removal or sections in large scale like cutting off an entire branch or an entire stem which leads to leaving only a small stub instead of a big tree. 

This method has been questioned no has been deemed a disadvantageous way to care for a tree however even if it is not often seen as advantageous, the method provides various benefits. Take note that this method is best handled by professionals like tree loppers Cairns from Cairns Tree Loppers. Professionals who practice this method have been experienced in the practice and will assure people who are willing to try the method and need some reassuring as well.  

So, what are the benefits of tree lopping?  

1. Overall health of a tree 

An older tree can be more appealing than newly growing ones. This is believed to be so due to the attractive branches that spans meters however older trees, due to its size, are often more problematic with distribution of nutrients in its overall branches due to its size. Some branches are often hidden from the sun and will surely be provided lesser sunlight, challenging its health in the process. If you have read about trimming and pruning, both processes are often practiced to help the tree grow more properly. Tree lopping has the same goal. Some trees often have more challenging problems than your usual lack of sunlight exposure. Some have pest problems and some have diseases and despite the fact that the safety around the tree can be risky, the tree itself is at risk of dying and through tree lopping, the tree can be helped.  

2. Safety 

As it has been said, trees that have problems with pest or disease often put risks to its surroundings. Through the exposure on disease or pest, the branches of the trees can become hollow and brittle and if ever a natural phenomenon is present like storms, for sure the hollow part is in danger of detachment. Getting rid of it first will not only provide help to the health of the tree but will also secure the surrounding area around the tree.  

3. Keep the tree away from power lines   

Power lines provide a great risk and if your tree is too big to bridge the gap between the power lines and itself, then you may want to call the help of professionals to handle the problem. Handling the problem, yourself may provide you more risk. Handling the problem to professionals is a wise choice given that they have enough gear for safety and they know more on what they are doing. These individuals are more experienced in the field and you should trust that they will do a better job at keeping your tree away from the power lines as well as keeping themselves safe. 

Whether your tree concern is for the tree itself, for you and your family’s safety or for aesthetics alone, you should have your tree care handled by people who are best in the field of tree care.